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Apr 15, 2018

Prayer Pocket with Measurements

Hello there,

I have a little treat for you today. 

My sister in law, Janell, loves to work in her scrapbook room making cards and playing with papers and ink. Watching over her are a bunch of monkeys because Janell loves monkeys. There's even a nasty rumour out there that she sleeps with one, but you didn't hear it from me --- Shhhhhhhhh. 
Ok kidding, seriously though my sister in law is one of the sweetest ladies you'll ever meet. My brother is a lucky guy!! 

We chat back and forth all the time and share our crafts and ideas, and recently she showed me something that she made for a couple of ladies. I had never seen one before and so I asked her if I could share it here with you. 

Without further adieu: This is a Prayer Pocket.

What is it's purpose? To write down who or what you are praying for.  To encourage you, to help you keep track.

I really just want to look at it for a while!

Note the stitching and the embellishments. It is just so cute! 

There are several pockets in there. Here they are dislodged from the pocket- 

Love the turned over corner and the little ribbon pulls on some of the tags. I especially love the dragonfly embelly....I have to ask her where that came from. Super cute!!

Below she shows us the back of the tags. Plenty of space to write and make lists. Perfect!

Isn't it lovely? I think this is a great 'just because' gift idea for a friend, someone that goes to church and someone who loves to pray. 

When Janell sent this to me I asked her if she had any measurements for these. She sent me some photos with measurements included. It will sure make it easy for you us to duplicate this beautiful prayer pocket. 

Measurements for Prayer Pocket: 

Measurements for the Three Part Pocket.
Again, LOVE the stitching

Want to know where to get Scripture Stamps? I'l link below.

I just love the edge punch on the bottom of this tag!

The dragonfly!!! Ka-ute!!

Sweet little corner punch

Love the ribbon on here.

I want that 'Joy" stamp!! 

Here's what she attached on the back of the little boy and the dragonfly tags. They are 2.25 X 2.25

Adorable, right?

Love it!

Here's where I've bought my Scripture stamps from. I have a couple of sets and I know Janell has at least one set of them. Check out Our Daily Bread Designs.

Do you want to see what else Janell and her monkeys are up to? Check out her Etsy Shop 

I looked around to see if I could find anymore prayer pockets. There was only one I could find, which is where I believe Janell got her inspiration from. There is no link to a blog, unfortunately, but it was on Pinterest, so I will share the photo for ideas. This one was shared by Jeannie Phillips.

Thanks for stopping in -  

Oh, and someone wanted to say good-bye


Apr 11, 2018

New Digital in Shop! Sign Language, I love you!


Just a quick post. I have a new image in the shop that incorporates sign language. I will probably be doing a few more of these as I have a couple of friends who are hearing impaired and I also have a few family members that are aids and use sign language in the schools. When one of my friends asked me about sign language stamps, I sent her a site that sells rubber stamps, but I thought I should make some of my own. 

So here is a copy of the new Digital that's in my Carmensplace Etsy Shop.

And here is a simple card I made up quickly.

That's it for today!

Have a great weekend!

Mar 29, 2018

Cards for the Grands and Fear Not!


I have some cards lined up to show you today, but first it's my pleasure to tell you that I will be doing some more crocheting soon and adding some of my lovingly handmade crocheted items to the shop soon. They're all done and protected in plastic ziplocs and waiting to find their forever home! I'm excited to list them!

So here's a few more cards I made up. These first two are ones I really just made up for the grands. I found a sheet of these images and cut them out. Very easy. I just wrote instead of stamped the sentiments. The kids don't mind.

I picked up a bunch of stamps from "Our Daily Bread" some time ago and used one on this next card. I embellished it with some roses I have in my stash. Plus I used a couple of different embossing folders. Other than that I left it pretty simple as my focus is the verse.

As you can see, the roses do make this a bulky card that won't send well. So I think I'll give it to someone local myself. 

Well, that's all for today. 

Have a great day! 

Mar 27, 2018

It's a Card Making Kinda Day!

I've always loved little houses. I love them in mixed media especially, but on my last trip I picked up a Lawn Fawn stamp set and some diecuts. I decided to try something a little more conservative.

I wonder if I could do something a little different with this set. In any case, it's nice to have some plain cards in your arsenal. This one is great for  someone who is moving or has bought a house.

The inside

As I mentioned on the last post, my brother in law is having a birthday soon. I played around with some embossing folders and came up with this card. He's a bonafide lifetime car nut. There's really nothing else I could have made for him.

I also made another card with my take out coffee cup. This one will probably go on Etsy. It's similar to the last one but I embellished it a bit differently. Love the addition of the clock!

I have more cards to show but I'll post them later. 

Have a great week! 

Mar 24, 2018

Hay There!

The snow is starting to melt, the sun is trying to peek through the clouds and the days are very slowly getting warmer. I don't see any flowers yet but I know they're on their way, as is the rain. I welcome the rain, but only because it's not snow.

Half-hearted, I know.

I feel like I'm waking up from a slumber. Winter, with its dark skies and cold weather has a tendency to drain me of energy and I long to be indoors where I can snuggle and nest. Human hibernation - it's a thing.

So my walk today was amazing. The fresh air was rejuvenating and I enjoyed it so much. I want spring to come and I hope it's a long spring this year. Spring and Fall are my favorite times of year but it seems they're the shortest seasons up here. Winter is super cold and snowy, Summer is super hot and burny....remember the fires last year? Crazy.

Anyway....enough about the seasons.

Last week we went out of town and I stopped in at Clippers in Langley. I bought a few diecuts, some stamp sets and a small paper pad. These are the cards I made.
The stamp set is "Hay There" from Lawn Fawn.
I also bought some diecut mini frames to use with it. I think they're so stinkin' cute, and the set also comes with some chicks, a lamb, an egg, and a barn and picket fence. I will be making some barnyard type cards down the road. So cute.

With Spring around the corner, it's time for another parcel for the grands.

We picked up a few little things for the two littlest ones and chocolate for everyone. This son has 5 kids and the first three are quite a bit older, so they're all working now, but I wanted to send something for the little ones because they get super excited.

When I make up a box for them, I usually add a letter. While making up the letter I thought why not incorporate some of the Lawn Fawn frames and stamps for them to color and put together as well. So I prepared some frames and stamped images, and then stamped some animals onto the letter. It makes it look fun.

The cardstock is lined and comes with a design. It looks festive and fun.

I placed the frames and stamped images in a plastic bag and stapled it to the back of the cardstock that I wrote the letter on.

I have so much fun putting little parcels together for the grands. The shipping costs are so much, especially here in Canada, but the kids are so worth it. I think they'll have fun opening the parcel. 

Coming up next are my brother in law and my sister in laws birthdays. Stay tuned! 


Mar 20, 2018

Drippy Lips on a Bright Sunny Tote!

Hello there,

Remember this acrylic painting I made a while back? Well, a good friend of mine took this image and made something special for me. First the painting...

This friend is super talented and I'm not even sure how she managed to do this, but I think it's pretty great.
I love the bright colorful fabrics and patterns she used. The image is on canvas and is coated, then sewn into place. 
If you are a seamstress, you'll definitely notice and appreciate the incredibly straight seams and the beautiful work she does. She's a very good seamstress.

She put this tag on there stating that the painting was done by me.

Love the bright orange on the inside.
And there's even a pocket on the back.

I have a very special date coming up in May this year. This was a gift for that birthday.  Good Lord, where has the time gone?

Well, that's it for today. I have another post ready to go up soon as well. It's about Mail from Gramma (and Papa G)....I should start a little series maybe. I love sending things in the mail to the kids, and they love getting parcels - no matter how big or small....stay tuned.


Mar 12, 2018

You've Got Mail and a Freebie!

I have got to brag about our weather today. I know...talking about the weather is passe, but seriously,  when it's been this long since you've seen a sunny day AND actually felt it's warmth....it's talkworthy. Today is an exciting day. Lol..

I made up a digital recently and decided to make a couple of cards with it. I've decided to send a card every month or two to my in-laws who are in a care home. I figure that getting some mail now and then would be nice. So one of these will go to them. Just a 'hi how are ya?' type of card. 

I saw a card somewhat similar to this (I think) on Pinterest a while back and hope I did it justice. I think she just had an envelope stamp to make hers, so I decided to make up a digital along those lines. First the cards:

The inside

The second card:
The inside

They're very similar, but I used "Just a Note" on one, and "You've Got Mail" on the other. I enjoyed making these. So simple. 

Plus, when I made up the digi, I also made up a stack of envelopes you can size (15cm X 17cm for a 5"X 7" card) and use as the background for your cut out envelopes. I used the stack in the second card, but just placed my own in the first card. I also cut the edge of the card front once I had the envelopes in place. It just gives a fun effect. But make sure you take the inside of the card into account when you place the envelopes.

And last but not least, here's your free Digi

These can be cropped in the 'format' section of Word. Then copied and pasted. I hope you enjoy these and do show me your cards if you use it! 

Also, stop by again to see the other cards and things I make. Leave me a comment if you have time. I love to hear what you have to say.

Thanks for stopping by,


Mar 7, 2018

Flying Away!

I just got back from Kelowna. It felt so good to get away for a day! My hubby and I decided it was time for a drive after enduring WAY TOO MUCH WINTER. Winter is not gone yet, but the roads are fairly clear even though the snow is everywhere else. The temps are starting to go up and I'm hoping that the snow will be gone after this weekend. I know I'm not alone when I say that I am done with winter this year. Welcome Spring! Pleeeaasse!

Once we arrived in Kelowna we stopped in at a Scrapbooking store and Michaels (because our local Michael's is really starting to phase out a lot of their scrapbooking stuff). I picked up mostly word diecuts and am looking forward to using them on cards.

I saw some really cute cards on Pinterest using a Cloud Embossing Folder so when I found the folder at a craft sale recently, mmhmmm, I bought it. I love this folder because there are lots of uses for it. This time I incorporated an airplane and made three different cards with it. 

I found the map, sun and airplane as free printables and did some fussy cutting. I saw a card where the airplane propeller was made with vellum and so did the same and used a flower punch and removed every second petal to get the propeller. Then I used a dew drop on top. You could use a brad too. The airplane is popped up with some foam tape.

For the first card I embossed the clouds onto white cardstock and blue cardstock and cut out some of the white clouds and glued them onto their blue counterparts for this interesting look. The cityscape was in my stash and I honestly can't remember where I got it from. I may have cut it out with my Lynx cutter, but I can't find the cut file.

The second and third cards are pretty basic. I did the same with the white clouds on the one and added them over the earth/map for a bit of a different look.

I added a diecut to one of the cards and played around a bit as well...

All the insides are done differently as well. The instruments were also free printables. I just googled them. 

I'll be selling a couple of these, but one will go to one of the grandkids, I think. 

Well, that's it for today! Have a great weekend my friends!